Appointment Information


Making Appointments

Our wonderful administrative staff would be happy to assist you in coordinating a time to schedule an appointment that is most convenient for you. You can call our office during business hours or send us an E-mail message through our secure contact form with information on how to best reach you and our front desk staff can promptly respond. We prefer that you call us to make your first appointment. We will reserve a time that is convenient to you and recommend that you plan ahead sufficiently to arrive on time.

Scheduling Your First Visit

We are always accepting new patients and would love to provide dental care for you if you need a new dental "home". If you have records that you believe are current it is always helpful to bring them with you or have them sent to our office prior to your appointment. Current dental records include having a Panorex or a Full Mouth Set of radiographs within the last 5 years or having a set of Bitewings within the last year. Your previous office may require you to sign a "release of records" to allow them to send your records to us. We provide a printable release form that you can sign and forward to your previous dentist.

Changing an Appointment

We ask you to please give us at least 24-hour notice in the event that you need to reschedule your appointment. Please call us as soon as you can, and we will reschedule you to a different time. Missed appointments or appointments that are rescheduled/cancelled on short notice will be subject to a $40.00 fee.

Emergency Appointments

We can accommodate most urgent requests for immediate care.